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4 Tips to Develop a Personal Growth Mindset

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Today on the blog I am featuring guest blog writer, Derek Goodman. Derek is an entrepreneur. He’d always wanted to make his own future, and he knew growing his own business was the only way to do that. He created his site Inbizability, to offer you tips, tricks, and resources so that you realize your business ability and potential now, not later.

If you are interested in learning more about business, follow Derek not David....


For many of us, personal growth is a constant and ongoing goal. After all, who doesn’t want to be healthier, make more money, develop impressive skills, enjoy more overall happiness, and gain greater fulfillment from their career?

Personal growth encompasses improvements in several elements of work and life. Because of this, the idea of personal growth can be completely overwhelming. Where do you start? Should you focus on just one area of your life, like your career or physical fitness? Or do you risk spreading yourself thin by trying to improve several things at once?

The key to personal growth isn’t necessarily the steps you take to get there, but the mindset you maintain along the way. Changing your mindset can change your behavior. By letting go of limiting beliefs, you’ll find it much easier to pursue your personal growth goals!

Break Your Scarcity Mindset

Have you heard of the scarcity mindset? A scarcity mindset is a limiting belief focused on the perception that certain resources are scarce or hard to come by. A lot of people who jump from job to job without finding fulfillment are victims of this mindset. Rather than seeing opportunities, a scarcity mindset sees limitations, encouraging you to jump at the first job offer you get, even if you know the role isn’t quite right for you. Are you stuck in a scarcity mindset? Talent Career Coaching can help you realize your potential and land your dream job, even if you think it’s out of your reach.

One way to reduce self-doubt in your job search is to list all the ways you’re qualified for your dream job. Create a professional resume showcasing your skills, experience, and accomplishments and how they relate to the position you want. You can use this free resume builder to choose a professional resume design and customize it with your own text.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Many of us hold fixed beliefs that prevent us from trying new things or setting bigger, better goals. Limiting beliefs put boundaries on what we think we can do. As Mark Manson explains, you might believe that you can’t do something because something is inherently wrong with you or the thing you want is too difficult to achieve. What holds us back the most is often our beliefs about ourselves and our own abilities. Get in the habit of challenging your limiting beliefs, adopting new beliefs, and testing them in the real world.

Stop Seeing Goals as Destinations

The funny thing about personal growth is that there is no end. Your potential is limitless. As a result, it’s impossible to reach a point where you can no longer improve yourself. This is why seeing your goals as destinations can be limiting. Whether you want to lose weight, land a new job, or learn a new skill, remember that your personal growth process will continue long past your initial goals. Many of us feel like we just have to get through the hard parts of life before we can start living. But this perspective can prevent us from living mindfully and enjoying the moment. Life is the journey!

Acknowledge That You Deserve Self-Care

Another thing that often holds us back from growth is feeling like we don’t deserve to live a fulfilling life. Some people feel they don’t deserve happiness because they made a mistake in the past. Others feel guilty that they have access to opportunities that others do not. Regardless of why you’re feeling this way, it’s important to address this issue so you can move forward.

Taking action is one of the best ways to overcome these feelings and rebuild your self-esteem. Even if you feel guilty doing something for yourself, commit to a regular self-care practice. Try meditation, make time for hobbies, and prioritize your physical health. Understand that personal growth isn’t just about weathering discomfort and maintaining strong self-discipline. Incorporate things you enjoy into your quest for self-growth! Self-care is all about acknowledging your personal needs and values, and honoring them through the actions you take every day.

If you want a better life, it’s time to stop making excuses. While it’s true that all kinds of real and unavoidable barriers exist out there, the only thing stopping you from achieving the life you want is your own mind. With the right mindset, anyone can achieve their personal growth goals!


Are you ready to land the career of your dreams? Talent Career Coaching can help you find a career that aligns with your values and allows you to thrive in your professional life. Book a coaching session online today!

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