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Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I don't know where you are located, but here in the PNW spring has officially arrived!

We are experiencing patches of sun mixed with rain showers (currently in the rain shower phase while I write this). There is just something about spring that inspires new beginnings and a season of curiosity. Are you feeling it too??

This weekend I blocked off my calendar and took some time away from my businesses to immerse myself in the feeling of a fresh start!

In case you need a reminder, it's always ok to step away from work to reset if you need it.

My husband and I spent the weekend pulling weeds, spreading mulch, adding gravel to pathways, and just resetting after the long winter. On Sunday, our good friend, Alison, joined us as we reset the garden for the year. Check it out!

This bed will house lettuce and herbs (all new to me, but I hear it's not too hard to grow).

We are adding in strawberries, lavender, mint, tomatoes, and cucumber as well. And maybe a berry bush or two?? (We will see if I can convince my husband to take on growing the garden to that size!)

Ok enough about my gardening adventures, what does this have to do with my career?

Right now we are in the midst of a season change where the days are getting longer, the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, and we all are beginning to look around at our surroundings with a critical eye. I'm seeing this from my clients, feeling it myself, and noticing similar trends in my community. If you are unhappy with your current work environment, these feelings may be even more intense for you.

This is a great chapter to be in!

Despite the uncomfortable feeling, this is a sign you are ready for growth. How cool is that! You are in a place where curiosity and challenge are pulling you toward action rather than rest. It's the perfect time to explore!

Tell me more...

My advice as a career coach is to lean into these chapters of our lives. These chapters create excitement and engagement in learning. They encourage us to try new things and take courageous steps into the lives we want to live. I'm all for it!

Need some ideas?

1) Take A Class

I'm very fortunate to finally be in a career I absolutely LOVE, but there was a time when that wasn't the case. I felt frustrated and trapped with no direction.

Taking a class is a great way to explore new ways of thinking and help remind you that you are a lifelong learner. Even when it feels like you are stuck you can take steps to learn new skills and create a new way. Maybe you could use a class on Excel so you feel more confident in the workplace? Maybe you want to learn glass blowing or pottery? Enroll in a course!

Tight on budget? Check out a free online webinar or see if your local library is offering any classes for your community.

Taking time to learn a new skill is a great way to get you thinking differently about the world around you. Give into that desire this spring and learn something new!

2) Start A Hobby

Despite feeling completely satisfied with my career path as an entrepreneur, I am still yearning for "new". I want to learn how to grow something I have never grown before, have a responsibility that will produce results I can see (and taste!), and have ownership over a hands-on project.

Maybe you need these things too?

Feel free to start a garden, learn how to roller skate, take photos, or even learn to play chess. Challenging yourself to learn more about a subject and try a new skill is a great way to remind yourself that life is a journey of growth and development.

Many of us want to grow and develop in our careers, but we also often fail to recognize that we can drive that journey.

Yes, your employer may have a learning path relevant to your role or field, but at the end of the day you get to decide if that's all you want to learn.

3) Connect With Someone Who Inspires You

Many of us dream regularly about new opportunities or new career paths. We see people doing the things we desire to do and we wonder what it must be like to be there.

Stop dreaming and ask them to coffee!

Do you have dreams of owning your own bakery? Find a local bakery owner who you admire and ask them to lunch. Find out how they got into the industry, what their day to day looks like, and what they are most excited for in the coming year. Get tangible information about them and what they do.

It's easy for all of us to imagine what our dreams would feel like, but getting insight into reality is when everything changes. We either learn we had it all wrong or we begin to craft plans to get to our goal. Either way, you leave the conversation more educated and strategic than when it began.


If you are inspired by this article, but could use some help putting a plan into action send me an email. I would love to help you take that leap into the unknown!

Oh! And if you have any gardening tips, I will take those as well!

Happy Spring!

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