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After spending over a decade working in the private sector, I began feeling unfulfilled despite checking what I thought were all the right boxes: working on challenging projects, traveling across the country to manage staff, and averaging 50+ hour work weeks to climb the corporate ladder. As a highly motivated and career-driven person, I was in search of the missing link.

After taking time to assess, with coaches and mentors, I realized my personal passions were not aligned with my daily responsibilities. At the root of it, I was meant for mission-driven work. After making the jump to the non-profit world, I have begun to check the boxes which were missing: supporting work that aligns with my personal values, creating a culture that puts people first, and striking a work-life balance.

My areas of expertise: I am excited to help people explore what mission-driven work can look like for you. Let’s work together to find alignment with your passions and job and build a career centered on impact and fulfillment.

A little about me…I have lived in Portland since 2012. I love spending time outdoors with my family, exploring the northwest by trail, bike, and canoe. My creative outlets include doing improv at a local theater. My fun fact: I name everything: my car’s name is Gary, my bike’s name is Clifford, and my canoe’s name is Willie.


Achiever | Includer | Positivity | Activator | Harmony


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