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As a coach, I am drawn to helping young adults and early professionals figure out what the heck they want to do with their lives and careers.


As a young person, I found myself doing what I thought was the “right” thing—I went to college, got a degree, and then had NO IDEA how to translate it into a career I actually enjoyed. After graduating, I floundered through three unpaid internships and two jobs (at the same time!) while trying to navigate the job market during a recession. If only I had had the tools I have today to tap into my intuition, strengths, and transferable skills!


Does this sound like you? What you’re going through can be overwhelming and demoralizing, but trust me when I say there’s a satisfying career in your future.


Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t set teens and young adults up for success when it comes to helping us identify our potential career paths. And often, we don’t realize it until years later when we find ourselves miserable at work. That’s where I come in!


I love helping individuals who feel lost and confused find confidence and clarity about their next steps. My clients often know they want to pursue something they are passionate about but don’t know where to start. Let’s get you on the fast track to figuring out what you are naturally gifted at, what drives you, and how to build a career that you love!


In addition to specializing in helping young professionals identify a path forward, I am trained in the Positive Intelligence framework. Throughout my career, self-doubt and negative self-talk have kept me from reaching my full potential, and I have seen this same self-sabotage happen with so many of my clients. The eight-week Positive Intelligence course helps you interrupt negative self-talk and gives you the tools to reframe life’s challenges. Clients like you have built the skills to approach career changes with positive emotions like curiosity, creativity, and laser-focused action. Interested in learning more? Take the Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment here, and we can schedule a discovery session to discuss your results. 


Outside of coaching, I am a foster parent for teenagers, have a super friendly cat named Wasabi, and love gardening. I get energy boosts through exercise (either rowing on the Willamette or during boot camp workout sessions with friends), and my happy place is in the summer sunshine next to one of Oregon’s beautiful rivers. 


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