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Professional Headshot of Career Coach Ruthie Ditzler: white woman smiling at camera with gray background

As many people experienced during the COVID pandemic, I suffered from severe professional burnout. I felt stuck and overworked in a job that just wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I took the leap and partnered with my own career coach to identify my personal strengths and uncover new opportunities for my own career journey. Through this process, I discovered that I love identifying the potential in others, helping them appreciate their unique qualities, and ultimately cultivating growth plans to help them achieve their goals.


This work had always been a part of my journey as a coach and mentor. Over the course of my professional career I have traveled internationally with groups of teens, coached new rowers, recruited students for a construction apprenticeship, and built relationships between Pacific Northwest tech companies. Fast forward a few years and I have now stepped into coaching full-time to help others navigate their own career journeys.


Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your current career? It doesn't have to be this way!


Together we can design and discover a career that aligns with your strengths. Utilizing your natural talents on a regular basis will allow you to show up authentically in the workplace resulting in fulfillment, flow, and increased synergy in your workplace and team. I look forward to celebrating with you when you land that job that brings fulfillment and the salary you have only dreamed about!


My areas of expertise: I help my clients find fulfillment and flow at work by pivoting into roles that leverage their natural strengths and transferable skills.


Whether you’re looking for support to articulate your natural strengths or transferable skills; need help with strategy and motivation for your job hunt; want to optimize your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn presence; or hope to gain confidence with networking or interviews, I look forward to working with you to find a role that enables you to contribute and a career that brings you joy!


Individualization | Learner | Developer | Arranger | Responsibility


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