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Professional Headshot of Danielle Ames, a black female in a white business suite

My career journey has encompassed internships, urban living in multiple cities, and juggling full-time work and school, all while gaining an understanding of multi-national brands. I have had to get comfortable being uncomfortable in new environments time and time again! Sound familiar? Many of us have had to navigate new working environments, expectations, and ways of engaging in the workplace since the pandemic. I am here to help you find your path to success despite these changing priorities.

I have spent the past eight years building a professional career in the corporate sector as an HR Business Partner. I find value in understanding the needs of individuals and helping align those needs with the focus areas of teams. As a career coach, my goal is to gain a deep understanding of your value system, working environment preferences, current wins, more significant challenges, and overall motivations in your career journey.

My areas of expertise: I am the coach who is here to help early to mid-career professionals take their careers to the next level. I can help you hone your strengths, negotiate salary increases, prepare for promotions, and manage diverse employee groups.

Outside the office, you will find me championing women’s equality, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, public speaking, youth empowerment, and equal pay. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you with your unique career needs!


Competition | Individualization | Learner | Intellection | Harmony


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