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Professional Headshot of Founding Coach Brandi Oldham: White Woman sitting on sofa with a coffee cup

Brandi is the owner and founding coach of Talent Career Coaching based in the Portland, OR metro area. Talent Career Coaching currently serves individuals, teams, and entrepreneurs in all aspects of their career journey.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in corporate HR in both the finance industry and for a global sportswear company. My areas of expertise include recruiting, hiring, personal development, team development, and training. I recognize that in companies jobs have to get done, but what if we could design the "how it gets done" to the strengths of the individuals completing the task? My goal is to help individuals and teams learn about their natural strengths, understand how their unique talents can make an impact, and design plans to help them achieve more!

Bottom line...I LOVE helping people reach their potential! Every day I get to impact people's lives - I help them negotiate raises, have better work/life balance, and achieve overall fulfillment in their careers. It’s the best job in the world!


Bachelors of Science: Communication | Psychology

Masters of Science: Human Relations | Human Resource Diversity and Development


Strategic | Futuristic | Individualization | Relator | Communication

As a coach I am here to walk through this journey with you and help you create actionable plans to achieve success. Let's explore what the next chapter could hold for you!

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