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We help "go-getters" 
reimagine their careers
so they can do work they love, get paid what they’re worth, and positively impact the world.

"My best days at work are when I'm facing a new problem, and I have to think 'out of the box.'"

"My brain comes alive when I learn new information."

"I want the work I do to make an impact on others."
Does this sound like you?

You are in the right place!
Founding coach Brandi Oldham sitting on a sofa with a coffee cup

Meeting with a career coach is the key to unlocking your full professional potential and achieving your career aspirations. 

Are you ready to achieve results like these?

  • You are describing your day-to-day work as being in the “flow” more often than not.

  • You finally have a career that gives you both purpose and meaning.

  • Your relationships both inside and outside of the office flourish.

  • You find yourself moving forward in your careers faster (can you say promotions and increased salary??)

  • You are doing things that align with who you are and who you want to be.

And if you're reeeally honest with yourself (and us!), you know you want to have someone in your corner who is dedicated to you and your success in the workplace!

Does this speak to you?


You are craving a career path that utilizes all of your strengths and makes the most of your talents.


You are desperate for a better work-life balance, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.


You loveee having someone to vent about your workday to, but don't want to have to overwhelm friends, family, or co-workers.
Whomp, whomp.

So What's The Hold Up?

You’ve got enough questions to fill an Amazon warehouse… and no one to help you answer them.

  • I’m just so stuck in my career. What can I do to move my career forward?

  • How would I even begin to advance my career and get a promotion?

  • What can I do to gain more confidence in my career and overcome self-doubt?

  • How do I make more time for my personal life and still grow my career?

  • What if I do ALL the work and still can’t increase my salary?


But the worst part? Dr. Google, good ole’ YouTube, and those posts on LinkedIn don’t really help. No matter how many late nights you spend online trying to find the answers.


Week after week, you’re left precisely where you started. Stretched thin as a sheet of printer paper, thinking through your options one more time, playing around with dreams of new endeavors, wondering if you’ll ever be able to create a life like you had always envisioned.

And Sooner or Later... 

Your head starts filling up with a few easily believable (but totally untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your visions of what your career could look like.

(Believe me...we've been there!)

Now, slow your scroll for a sec.
Imagine what it would feel like to wake up and be excited for the day ahead and the possibilities it brings.

You will have more confidence in your skills and your ability to impact your career field.

You will no longer keep yourself up at night worrying about work. We have tips to help you find balance!

You can grow a career path that actually supports you, your family, and the things you value most in life!

Our Areas Of Expertise

We partner with clients to tackle six of the most common career milestones. Whether you're just starting out and need guidance on career exploration, or you're an experienced leader looking to take your team to the next level, we have the expertise to help you succeed.


All of our 1:1 coaching services are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Schedule an introductory call with the coach of your choice to design your unique coaching plan today!

Burnout (4).png


Are you struggling with figuring out what you want your next chapter to look like?


We can help! Let's explore your values, types of tasks you enjoy, and what you need from a future employer. 

Burnout (2).png


So many companies promote from within (yay!), but often fail to train new managers on how to build successful teams (boo!).

That's where we come in! We can help you navigate the challenges and get you set up for success. 

Working on Laptop


Let's face it job searching is TOUGH. We have been there and we understand.

Let's get your resume, cover letter, personal branding, and direction clear so you can focus on getting the role!

Burnout (9).png


Are you managing multi-level teams? Or a mix of managers and individual contributors? Both bring challenges!


Let's work together to help you craft your vision for your team and work through self and team development opportunities.

Burnout (5).png


Are you still in love with your career field, but ready for a new challenge? 


Let's get started! We can help you create goals, new milestones, and ways to get connected to the work you love to do.

Burnout (3).png


Are you feeling drained, overwhelmed, and desperate for a change in your career? This could be burnout!

Having experienced burnout ourselves we know the toll it takes. Don't worry we are here to help you get back to being YOU!


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