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How to Set Achievable Goals For Yourself

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Do you feel like you're constantly coming up short, no matter how hard you try? Don't beat yourself up over it! The problem could actually be the goal you've set for yourself, not the effort you're putting in.

If your goal isn't achievable, you'll never be able to reach it, no matter how many times you try. While being ambitious is fantastic, we can all get a little ahead of ourselves sometimes. It's so important to know how to set realistic goals so you can continue to make steady progress toward those big dreams!

What Makes a Goal Achievable?

When you're trying to determine whether your goal is achievable, there are a few key things you need to consider:

  • The time frame you have to achieve it in.

  • The resources you have available.

  • The skills and knowledge you currently possess.

For example, let's say you want to start your own business. In the span of a year, it's achievable to create a detailed business plan, conduct market research, and save up enough money to get the ball rolling. However, if you want to achieve all of those things in the next month, it's probably not going to happen.

Let's Talk SMART Goals

If you haven't heard of SMART goals before, they're about to help you change the way you think about goal setting. SMART is an acronym that stands for:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Relevant

  • Timely

When you create a SMART goal, you're essentially giving yourself a road map to success. No more guessing or hoping you'll achieve something; now, you'll have a clear plan to follow! Here's how to do it:

Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve? Be as detailed as possible.

Measurable: How will you know when you've achieved your goal, and how can you measure your progress along the way?

Achievable: Make sure your goal is achievable given the available time frame, knowledge, and resources.

Relevant: Does your goal make sense, given your current situation and bigger-picture future ambitions?

Timely: When do you want to achieve your goal? Make sure to set a realistic deadline with measurable milestones.

3 Tips for Setting Achievable Goals

Start Small: Don't try to achieve too much at once. Small, achievable goals are the key to building momentum and seeing consistent results.

Focus on What You Can Control: Your goals should be things that you can directly impact yourself. For example, if your goal is to get a promotion at work, focus on things like taking on new responsibilities, developing new skills, and excelling in your current role. There are some things that will always be out of your control, so focus on what you can actually influence.

Get a 2nd Opinion: Often, we can be too close to our goals to see whether or not they're achievable. If you're unsure, ask a friend, family member, or colleague for their opinion. Better yet, why not ask a professional? A goal-setting coach can help you create achievable goals and develop a plan to reach them.

Meet Your Career Coach

Hi! I'm Brandi, and I'm the career coach that can help you achieve your highest potential. I'm passionate about helping people identify their goals and creating actionable plans to reach them.

If you're struggling with goal setting or feeling stuck in your career, I can help. Schedule a free consultation with me today to see how I can support you in reaching your professional goals!


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