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Feeling Stuck In Your Career? Get Creative Outside Of The Office!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

When you're stuck in a career rut, getting yourself out of that funk can be tough! You begin to notice that coworkers and clients are starting to get under your skin. You're not tackling issues with the same passion and creativity that you once did. At the end of each day, you feel burnt out and uninspired, and your passion for your job has faded.

If you're sitting there thinking, "now, how did she get inside my head," I promise you that I'm not a mind reader--I've just been there before, and my career coaching clients have too! So no, sadly, I can't read minds but what I can do is help you reignite that spark and get you feeling excited about your career again.

Get Creative Outside of Work

When you're caught in the same old routine day in and day out, it's easy to feel uninspired. You might even notice that those bad work days bleed into lazy nights and uneventful weekends because you're just so burnt out.

One of the best ways to get yourself out of a career funk is to get creative outside of work! Did you know that getting creative can actually help relieve stress, improve your mood, and increase productivity? It's true! And it's not just for artists--anyone can be creative!

Imagine what you could do if suddenly your workdays were filled with excitement and passion again. Or if your new creative hobby inspired you to pursue a new career that you love!

Getting creative reminds your brain that there are so many new ways to solve problems and find solutions. This simple mental shift can help you see the world around you in a new light. It can help you see your job from a new perspective and inspire you to take action.

Creative Activities That You Can Do Outside of Work

The sky's the limit! Here are some of my favorite ideas to get you started:

Take a class: Learning new skills can be incredibly rewarding and a great way to meet like-minded people. Check out the art, pottery, or cooking classes offered in your area to see if anything piques your interest.

Hit the trails with your camera: If you're the outdoorsy type, get outside and explore! Take your camera with you and document your adventures. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a hidden talent for photography!

Explore a small neighboring town: If you live in a big city, sometimes getting out of the hustle and bustle can be precisely what you need to jump-start your creativity. Visit a small town nearby with a friend and check out the local shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Skip the Google recommendations and just let yourself wander.

Start a side hustle: This is a great way to explore one of your interests and see if you can turn your hobby into a full-time gig! Activities like copywriting and graphic design can easily be done from your laptop in your spare time.

Try something new: Trying new things is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see the world in a new light. Whether it's a new restaurant, instrument, workout class, or a fun new recipe, pushing yourself to try something new can open your eyes to all kinds of possibilities.

If you're feeling stuck in your career, don't despair!

There are plenty of things you can do to get yourself out of that rut. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and exploration. So go out and try something new--you never know where it might lead you!


Looking for career advice? I offer career coaching services for people who want to make a career change and need some guidance. Visit my website to learn more about how I can help you!

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