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Talent Spotlight Series: Recruiting Consultant

The Talent Spotlight Series is designed to put YOU or someone you know in the spotlight to help increase awareness about the various career opportunities available. If you are interested in being featured in the Talent Spotlight Series, please fill out this form.

Today we are talking with Joy Reimer about her role as a Recruiting Consultant.

As some of you may have noticed, the past few Talent Spotlights have focused on recruiting-related career roles. Katy gave us a look at agency, Collin gave us a look at in-house recruiting, and now Joy is giving us a view into consultancy. This one field has so many options to choose from!

Joy and I worked together in recruiting when we both worked in the finance industry. I remember her being new to the firm and now she has taken her recruiting career to a whole other level! I am so excited to have her share her wisdom and experience with all of you.

Spoiler alert: she recently got married (like less than a month ago!) I remember the day she came back from lunch announcing she was dating Tim! Congratulations to both of you! It's been so fun to stay connected with both of you over time and watch you grow professionally and personally!

Now let's learn more about Joy...

Name: Joy Reimer

Current Position:

Recruiting Consultant

Time in Current Position: 1 Year

Where Can You Connect with Joy?

Connect on LinkedIn!

What does a day in the life of a Recruiting Consultant look like?

My role as a Recruiting Consultant is to intentionally impact each project. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the industry and method of recruiting I currently focus on. Our mission at Hub Recruiting is to be “RPO with a soul”. We recruit and fill client needs using our “Hub” of recruiters!

My most recent project involved large hiring classes and high-volume applicants for a company called Toast. I spent most of the day focused on applications and requirements with hiring managers, interviewing candidates for the positions, and analyzing the next steps. The culture was phenomenal for building success. I was able to hire 60+ people to join the company during this time of growth!

What roles did you have prior to your current role?

Marketing Coordinator

Columbia Sportswear Brand Ambassador

Sales Support

Talent Acquisition Associate


How did your experience in previous roles help you succeed in your current position?

I believe each experience contributes to the next! Each role taught me about how people operate. For example, in my marketing role, I learned to look for what people want. That same philosophy goes directly into hiring. What do people want in a job? Interactions and conversations and observations in each have rounded me out to better understand almost any scenario.

Is there an area of expertise needed to succeed in your current role?

Experience in understanding people, being able to adapt quickly, persistence, and the desire to open your mind are the keys to growth in this industry. I would not be where I’m at now if I had not traveled and had genuine experiences that taught me how to handle fragile or difficult conversations, as well as celebratory ones!

Being comfortable and confident calling people and not taking things personally or being reactive. To succeed in my current role is to have the ability to read people, stay organized, and keep a poker face because things can change so quickly! There is lots of talking - even if it is to yourself!

How do you think your job will change in the next 5 years?

The atmosphere is changing rapidly. The possibility of remote work has opened up recruiting to be an even more accessible profession and now allows for more opportunities within the field. Regardless of all of the changes, recruiting will need to maintain consistent processes, transparency, reliability, and humility. The time of “you are lucky to work here” is over and the compassion for “we are lucky to have you” is here.

What skills make you successful in your career field?

I can’t emphasize enough how it is purely up to you and the confidence you bring that will give you opportunities in this role. I was stagnant in prior positions because I was not speaking up and owning aspects of the role that I did not have answers to. It is easy to let others take charge and lead, but take the risk and go with your gut!

What does work/life balance look like?

The main reason I have loved being a consultant is the balance I have in my life. I can take my dog to the vet and not worry about an office mate thinking otherwise etc. I love the accountability and flexibility it gives me!

How did you find this career field?

I started my recruiting journey looking for a job! I moved from San Diego back to Portland and started as a Sales Support Specialist at an agency. I developed strong skills for that fast-moving environment. It helped me quickly understand the entire process of hiring and the importance of compliance.

After two years I advanced to Talent Acquisition in a firm and grew my skills to encompass more sourcing strategies, a focus on the importance of candidate experience, and the benefits of having structure. After four years in-house I took on a full recruiting role that allowed me to specialize in different industries and ultimately led me to consulting. Consulting aligns perfectly with my lifestyle and beliefs.

What does a typical career path look like in this career field?

I’d say there isn’t a typical one! It is really up to you and how you navigate the industry. I encourage the grind! I was on a path that would have locked me in as an associate. Once I strayed away from the conventional structure I found true success! I enjoy representing my own brand and taking the risk of looking like a fool if things don't work out. It has been a great opportunity! I can schedule now lunches and have my own fulfilling life outside of the office!


Want to learn more about Joy??

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn. There is a direct link at the top of the blog!

If you would like to be featured in the Talent Spotlight Series, please contact me here!

I would love to share your career journey!

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