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Talent Spotlight Series: Recruiter

The Talent Spotlight Series is designed to put YOU or someone you know in the spotlight to help increase awareness about the various career opportunities available. If you are interested in being featured in the Talent Spotlight Series, please fill out this form.

Today we are talking with Collin Lashway about his role as a Recruiter.

Collin and I worked together when we both worked at adidas. Collin has since moved over to Nike and I have started my own business, but I am so glad we have kept in touch even through career changes. Collin has worked with candidates in many areas of the recruiting process. From coordinating new candidate travel to recruiting interns and now to making offers on the Footwear Product Creation team, Collin has done it all! The thing that stands out the most to me about Collin is his love for people. Working in recruiting is a job that he doesn't take lightly. He understands the impact an offer letter can have on someone and he loves being a part of that process. I am so excited to share all about Collin today so you can hear the inside scoop on all things recruiting!

Now let's learn more about Collin...

Name: Collin Lashway

Current Position:

Recruiter - Footwear Product Creation at Nike

Time in Current Position: 1 Year

Where Can You Connect with Collin?

Connect on LinkedIn!

What does a day in the life of a Recruiter look like?

A day in my current position looks like meetings with my talent acquisition team,

meetings with my hiring managers across Nike, and interviewing candidates. We also

have some projects or events thrown in throughout the year.

What roles did you have prior to your current role?

Prior to this role at Nike, I spent the previous 7 years working at adidas. I started in the

retail space, which led to a summer internship on the leadership development team at the end of my senior year at the University of Portland. That experience ultimately led to my first corporate role starting in talent acquisition (TA) back in October 2017.

I spent a few years as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator supporting multiple areas of the brand before making my last jump into a recruiting role on the University team. I did that role for the better part of a year, before making the transition to my current role here at Nike supporting all of the Footwear Product Creation teams across the company. My scope of work supports Development and Engineering roles at Nike, outside of Innovation and Design. I love my current role and connecting with really creative and innovative teams that make amazing products!

How did your experience in previous roles help you succeed in your current position?

My previous roles taught me a lot about how to manage a busy schedule, how to

prioritize my work, as well as how to work with a lot of different teams across brands.

TA is such a cross-functional team and getting to learn how to work outside of my direct team was a really valuable experience.

During my time as a Coordinator, I got visibility into the Footwear Development space and was able to work really closely with some teams over there. This sparked my interest in how Footwear Product Creation works. Now I get to hire amazing teams that do work I’m really interested in – so it’s the best of both worlds!

Is there an area of expertise needed to succeed in your current role?