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Talent Spotlight Series: Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor

The Talent Spotlight Series is designed to put YOU or someone you know in the spotlight to help increase awareness about the various career opportunities available. If you are interested in being featured in the Talent Spotlight Series, please fill out this form.

Today we are talking with Lindsey Bramwell about her role as a Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor with Moda Health.

On a personal note I have to say that there is something really special about having a great group of women supporting you as you chase your dreams. Lindsey is a part of a group of women that does just that for me and for our group of friends!

Lindsey and I met through a mutual friend and have shared many conversations over a glass of wine at our book club meetings. This group of gals have become a place of friendship, support, and encouragement over the last few years. I have to imagine that the same support Lindsey gives all of us in book club is the same support she gives to the people she serves as a Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor.

Now let's learn more about Lindsey...

Name: Lindsey Bramwell

Current Position:

Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor

Time in Current Position: I’ve been with Moda Health for nearly four years and started my current role last year (less than one year).

Where Can You Connect with Lindsey?

Connect on LinkedIn!

What does a day in the life of a Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor look like?

As the Health Promotion & Wellness Supervisor, I support a team of Health Coaches and Wellness Consultants. Every day is different and presents a new opportunity to learn, collaborate, and grow.

Typically, my day is a healthy balance of meetings, projects, and team support.

I begin my workday around 7 a.m. and reserve an hour in the mornings for reading and responding to emails. The quiet mornings are also ideal for focus work, which could include anything from drafting reports to reviewing newsletter content to writing wellness program proposals. Meetings usually start mid-morning until 4:30 p.m., including 1:1s, team meetings, and cross-departmental strategy discussions. I try to build in at least two 30-minute time blocks for focus time in the afternoon and, of course, take my pup on a lunchtime walk!

What roles did you have prior to your current role?

I joined Moda Health in 2018 as the Wellness Advisor. Prior to joining the Moda Health family, I was an onsite Senior Health & Wellness Coach at a global pharmaceutical company.

How did your experience in previous roles help you succeed in your current position?

Health and wellness coaching afforded me a well-rounded skillset in relationship building, learning and development, public speaking, and program management. These skills translated seamlessly to my role as a Wellness Advisor where I provided creative solutions, guidance, and support for employer wellbeing programs.

As a supervisor, I’ve translated my knowledge and experience into supporting the development and growth of my teams to do the same. It’s truly the best opportunity to marry my professional passions in coaching and workplace wellness and celebrate my brilliant team members who are helping people every day.

Is there any specialty training or area of expertise needed to succeed in your current role?

The health coaching and workplace wellness fields are so vast! For health coaching and managing health coach teams, I would suggest pursuing the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach certification – it’s the highest professional credential in the field.

For workplace wellness, it’s helpful to have a background or experience in health promotion, health education, or public health. The best advice shared with me is to define your specialty – for example, you could be a Health Coach with a specialty in holistic nutrition or a Wellness Consultant with a specialty in exercise physiology.

How do you think your job will change in the next 5 years?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turbocharged the demand for health and wellness resources – especially digital solutions. When my team transitioned our workplace wellness resources virtually, engagement nearly tripled. It was evident the remote space improved access and reduced barriers for participation and emphasized a nationwide (or even global) need for support in this area. My prediction is more employers will leverage virtual workplace wellness programs to support their employees as a necessity, rather than a value-add work perk, and that corporate wellness roles will be more commonplace.

What is something you wish people new about your job?

My wish would be to help others better understand the health and wellness field, in general; it’s still pretty niche! Sometimes people view workplace wellness roles as simple and fun with a mission to just improve physical health.

Don’t get me wrong, wellness is fun but is also rooted in evidence-based behavior change and population health frameworks, models, and theories. The best health coaching and workplace wellness strategies address physical health in addition to other dimensions or pillars of wellness. The National Wellness Institute uses The Six Dimensions of Wellness: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. At Moda Health, our key focus areas include movement, nutrition, sleep, mindset, social, environmental, and financial.

What parts of your job do you find most rewarding?

Oh, helping others! The health and wellness industry is very much a field of helping professions at all levels. Whether I’m working with my team, clients, or colleagues, it’s intrinsically rewarding helping others grow and achieve their goals.

Are there any professional journals/organizations/etc. that someone interested in this field should be aware of?

A few of my favorite professional organizations include:

  • Coaching: National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching and Wellcoaches

  • Health Education: National Commission for Health Education Credentialing

  • Workplace Wellness: National Wellness Institute and Wellness Council of America

How did you find this career field?

I started college as a Journalism major, thinking I wanted to write for magazines. My first college internship was with a commercial real estate company, and HR would host Lunch & Learns on various health and wellness topics. Health always interested me personally, and I became totally intrigued by this relatively new movement around corporate wellness. After that internship, I switched my major to Health Communication to pursue corporate wellness, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume?

I went to a Wheelmobile event to audition for Wheel of Fortune. Although my raffle number wasn’t randomly selected, I had an absolute blast.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White: I’m still available to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!


Want to learn more about Lindsey??

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn. There is a direct link at the top of the blog!

If you would like to be featured on the Talent Spotlight Series, please contact me here!

I would love to share your career journey!

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