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How Often Should I Update My Resume?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

When is the last time you updated your resume??

If you are actively job searching, it may have been yesterday. And for others you may not even remember the last 10 years ago? The last time I was job searching?

Did you know that you should be updating your resume every 6 months??

Let's talk about it...

So many of us go through daily life without taking into account all of the things we accomplish. We are on autopilot checking things off the list. However, when we decide to apply to a new job, ask for a promotion, or inquire about a raise we scramble to provide the details to support our request. Not anymore! Take my advice and set yourself up for success.

Set Up A Reminder In Your Calendar To Update Your Resume Every 6 Months

(Or follow me on Instagram where I provide a reminder every 6 months!)

Here is the deal, if you wait to update your resume until the moment it's needed I can guarantee you will miss information. Our brains have a really hard time recalling small details of information, especially when it comes to things we do every day.

Don't believe me?

Tell me what career related tasks you were working on a year ago from today.

I guarantee unless last January was a major milestone in your life you probably can't remember without pulling out your calendar, a journal, or some other record keeping system. Our career milestones are made up of a lot of small consistent actions. When you update your resume every 6 months with projects, stats, and achievements you will have an easier time telling your amazing career story. People want to hire, promote, and reward those who stand out in their field.

But Brandi, A Resume Is Only Supposed To Be 1 Page?


The final version of your resume that you submit to others for evaluation should only be 1 page (in most business cases). But that doesn't mean your records need to be limited to one page. In fact, I strongly advise my clients not to take this approach.

I coach all of my clients to have a master document, or comprehensive resume, where all of their achievements are stored. This system sets you up for life, creates an easy process to create tailored resumes, and only requires that you do the hard work of critiquing a resume once. Yes, you heard that right - once! It's hard work on the front end, but the system I provide keeps you up to date for life.

I'm Letting You In On A Secret...

A couple weeks ago I met up with a former client of mine and we got on the topic of the 6 month resume update. She mentioned that she actually created a system that feeds into my 6 month recommendation and I want to share it with all of you!

She works in sales and metrics are a key driver of her success. Waiting 6 months to pull all of her numbers and data was overwhelming. She made the decision to put a weekly reminder in her calendar where she adds her sales for the week, any projects she took on outside of her job description, and any other major milestones that occurred. This practice takes less than 10 minutes as she just jots notes into a document. Every 6 month she goes back through the document and creates her crafted bullet points for her resume update.

I think this is such a great system! It allows you to celebrate your small wins, notice trends in your professional development, and can be an easy way to share your growth with a manager. So happy she shared this secret tip with me!


If you are inspired to create a career tracking practice using my comprehensive resume system, reach out! On average, my clients can complete this process in 3-4 appointments. Book a free consultation today!

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