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3 Job Search Hacks That Actually Work

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Every week I talk with coaching clients who are exhausted from the job search process. Many struggle with finding the right opportunity and end up in an endless trap of submitting as many applications as possible.

As someone who submitted over 250 job applications at one point in my career I know how real the exhaustion, frustration, and disappointment can be during the job search process. Today I am sharing 3 job search hacks that will actually help!

Let's make your job search work for you and your schedule!

1) Set A Timer

When you first begin your job search it is so easy to get sucked in! You can sit down for an hour on a Sunday morning to "take a look" and the next thing you know you have spent your entire day job searching. This leads to extreme frustration when you realize all of the time you have outside if work is gone.

Let's try something else instead!

Set a timer for 45 minutes (or whatever works for your schedule) and only work on applications for that dedicated time frame.

Once your time is up I recommend you do something creative or some act of self-care. Go on a walk, read a new book, create something, or whatever fills your bucket!

One of the first things to go when we are actively applying for jobs is our hobbies, self-care, and creative outlets. We begin working a second job after work to find a new opportunity. It's important to you to keep a positive outlook while job searching. Setting time parameters for our job search will help to ensure that we still have space for things that bring us enjoyment and fulfillment.

2) Use Search Engines To Identify Companies You Are Interested In

There will be days in your job search where it seems like there are no positions available for your skillset. Or that no new positions have been posted. This is normal!

However, all hope is not lost. Job seekers tend to use job search engines to identify open roles, but have you considered using them to identify potential companies? The next time you are on a job search engine and you come across a company you don't recognize look into them. Check out their website, the benefits they offer, the work environment, and the problems they solve. Are you interested in the company? Great! Now...

3) Enroll In Automations

Most company websites have job search automations on their career page. If you find a company that you would enjoy working for, sign up to have new job postings sent directly to you! While this may take some time to set up in the beginning, pretty quickly your dedicated job search time will be spent on applying to roles that are sent directly to your inbox!

If a preferred company does not have an option for email notifications, feel free to set up automations for the company on a larger job search site or write the name of the company on a list. Check the company's website once every week or so to stay up to date on new positions that come available.


If you need help or support as you go through the job search process, please don't hesitate to reach out to a career coach. We know that job searching can be exhausting and we would love to partner with you as you walk through this chapter. Rooting for you!

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