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Career Coaching Packages

Do you have a specific career goal in mind? We have developed packages to help solve our clients' most frequent concerns. Let us walk you through a method that works!

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Career Exploration

Trying to figure it all out? Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? In a career that isn't a great fit, but don't know where to go next? Believe it or not, this is a very normal feeling! We have a 6-week journey designed to help you reflect on your options and move forward with confidence. 

Get Hired

Are you tired of the exhausting and overwhelming job search process? The pressure to find a new opportunity can lead to spiraling into endless applications, and the sting of rejection can make it even worse. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. 

Imagine a streamlined job search experience where your energy is focused on prioritizing your well-being and maximizing your chances of success. With our personalized support, we'll revolutionize your job search journey in just six weeks!

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Career Strategy

Are you tired of feeling uninspired at work or unclear about what your next move should be? Are you ready to feel professional fulfillment and actualize your full potential?  


This six-session program leverages strategic goal setting, professional branding, strengths utilization, networking and connection planning, and ongoing development to help you align yourself with opportunities for advancement. Your dream career is within reach—let's make it a reality!

Understanding My Strengths

Imagine the transformation that would take place in your career if you knew what your natural talents were, had the language to share these talents with those you work with, and could accomplish goals faster and more easily. That’s possible!


Here at Talent Career Coaching, we offer the CliftonStrengths assessment to help our clients enhance their performance, increase engagement, and achieve greater career success and satisfaction. This package provides the assessment and two 60-minute coaching sessions to help you better understand your results and make informed career decisions aligned with your innate abilities.

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Negotiating Pay

Nervous to negotiate a salary offer or ask for a raise? Let’s get you paid what you deserve! This two-session package includes an analysis of your current market value, considering factors such as your experience, skills, and industry benchmarks.


Together we’ll develop a personalized negotiation plan tailored to your unique circumstances, focusing on highlighting your value proposition and effectively articulating your worth to employers. You'll learn proven techniques for presenting your case, handling objections, and negotiating with confidence and professionalism. 

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