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Talent Spotlight Series: Vice President

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Talent Spotlight Series is designed to put YOU or someone you know in the spotlight to help increase awareness about the various career opportunities available. If you are interested in being featured in the Talent Spotlight Series, please fill out this form.

Today we are talking with Kirsten Forrester about her career as a Vice President of the Regional Sales Associate Department at Fisher Investments.

As with many of the Talent Spotlight guests, I have both a personal and professional relationship with Kirsten. Kirsten and I first worked together as Regional Sales Associates (RSA's) back in 2014. We were on different teams in the department, but developed a strong working relationship throughout that time. She then stepped into training opportunities throughout the firm and I did much of the same in various other areas. We both loved connecting and sharing knowledge on various aspects of our careers over the years.

On a personal level, I have to brag about Kirsten. She is the ultimate hostess, an incredibly thoughtful person, and has a natural ability to light up a room! She makes the most amazing baked goods and always remembers birthdays/major milestones/important dates. Her thoughtfulness and care is something everyone appreciates about her both professionally and personally.

She is also a talented author! She has written and published 3 novels all while leading a very successful career in the finance industry. (Don't worry, I will give you all the details later on in the blog!) Kirsten is someone you want to get to know and add to your network - she is going places!

Now let's learn more about Kirsten...

Name: Kirsten Forrester (Breuner)

Current Position:

Vice President; Regional Sales Associates

Time in Current Position: 4 months

Where Can You Connect with Kirsten?

Connect on LinkedIn!

What does a day in the life of a Vice President look like?

I manage a group of ~100 team members whose objective is to navigate the sales process for our external salespeople as well as our internal partner groups. While we do not personally interface with clients, we are conducting all of the resourcing in the background to help make the prospective client experience as strong as possible and ultimately welcome in new clients. In a given day, I am providing direction to the group and helping sort through ambiguous situations, analyzing data to help make informative decisions, and advocating for the group as well as our salespeople wherever possible.

What roles did you have prior to your current role?

Funny enough, I started almost 8 years ago in the role for the group that I now manage (where I met Brandi!). After nearly 2 years as a Regional Sales Associate, I moved into a training manager position for the group, helping to build out a systematic training program for the role.

From there, I moved on to broaden that training approach to the rest of the sales organization, including our Account Executives and Inside Salespeople. After a few years immersed in sales, I became part of a centralized training department where I led the first-ever centralized logistical and training design team. That experience gave me the opportunity to work with the service side of the firm and interact with clients, which I thoroughly enjoyed. About four months ago, I returned to my “roots” in RSA to head the group, truly coming full circle!

How did your experience in previous roles help you succeed in your current position?