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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A New Year's Resolution

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

As the year comes to a close many of us begin looking forward to the new year with hope and optimism. This change in mood often inspires us to create New Year's Resolutions and goals for the coming year. I love the forward focus, but as a coach I have to say....

Before you begin creating goals for the new year I encourage you to pause and reflect on all that you have accomplished in the past 12 months. We often focus so much on setting new goals we forget to acknowledge how far we have come.

In order to create successful goals for our future we need to acknowledge change, celebrate growth, and learn from our past. Here are 4 questions to help you do just that!

1) What Has Changed In The Past Year?

As time goes on our circumstances change. Have you had a change in occupation? Does your work environment look different compared to last January? Have you started new hobbies or interests? Have you paid off debt? Has your health changed?

All of these changes impact how you navigate your day to day life and the areas in which you choose to focus your attention. I guarantee something has differed in the past 12 months. Write down the changes you have experienced and notice which of these changes will be impacting you as you head into the coming year.

2) What Are You Most Proud Of?

Now that you have acknowledged what has changed in the past year, it's time to reflect on yourself and your growth. What makes you the most proud when you think back on this past year?

Have you started a new hobby? Have you survived a change in health? Have you overcome a loss? Maybe you found a job that aligns with your values and gives you more time with family? Have you paid off debt?

No matter how big or small your moment is I want you to pause and congratulate yourself. It's so easy to keep moving forward with life that we forget all the things we have overcome or accomplished. Congrats on your growth this year!

3) What Did You Learn This Year?

Just in case you didn't get the memo, I wanted to remind you that we all make mistakes from time to time. Mistakes are the way we learn new pieces of information and change our understanding of the world around us.

This year you likely made some mistakes and had some opportunities to learn (me too!). What were those opportunities? Did you recognize tasks that make you feel fulfilled more than others? Did you try a new hobby and realize it wasn't for you? Have you added a new podcast to your list that has expanded your knowledge? And based on these learnings, are there any lessons that you want to expand on in the coming year?

4) What Are You Most Excited For In 2022?

Often times our goals or New Year's resolutions center on small things we want to change or focus on. Health, mindset, stopping habits, and starting new habits are often areas of focus.

What if this year you changed it up?

What if this year your goal was tied to the thing you were most excited about in the coming year?

Maybe you are excited about a planned vacation this year? What if your goal was to learn something new about the place you were visiting each month? It will help you engage with this exciting trip well in advance and make the experience that much more memorable.

Maybe you want this year to be the year you ask for a promotion? Hire a coach to help you create a sustainable plan to make that happen. You can learn about the job market and what promotional opportunities are available. You can also increase your education, expand your skillset, and network with others in your industry.


As we begin a new year I hope you are filled with optimism and excitement for all the new challenges ahead. I also hope you take time to pause and reflect on all you have accomplished in 2021. Wishing you the best of luck and a very happy new year!

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