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Supercharge your career with regular meetings with a professional career coach and watch your success soar!

Join our Talent Career Coaching Membership to pursue your passions, earn what you deserve, and significantly impact your field!

Meeting with a career coach is the key to unlocking your full professional potential and achieving your career aspirations. 


Whether you’ve just recently started your journey with a career coach or you’ve been a client for a while now, you already know that 1:1 coaching is the key to achieving your goals, earning more of that sweet money, honey, and having more fulfillment in your career—finally!

Project Meeting

Let's just call work what it is: hard.

Rewarding, yes! But, still - hard.


You are craving a career path that utilizes all of your strengths and makes the most of your talents.


You are desperate for a better work-life balance, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.


You loveee having someone to vent about your workday to, but don't want to have to overwhelm friends, family, or co-workers.
Whomp, whomp.

And if you're reeeally honest with yourself (and us!), you know you want to have someone in your corner who is focused on you and your success in the workplace!

So What's The Hold Up?

You’ve got enough questions to fill an Amazon warehouse… and no one to help you answer them.

  • I’m just so stuck in my career. What can I do to move my career forward?

  • How would I even begin to advance my career and get a promotion?

  • What can I do to gain more confidence in my career and overcome self-doubt?

  • How do I make more time for my personal life and still grow my career?

  • What if I do ALL the work and still can’t increase my salary?


But the worst part? Dr. Google, good ole’ YouTube, and those posts on LinkedIn don’t really help. No matter how many late nights you spend online trying to find the answers.


Week after week, you’re left precisely where you started. Stretched thin as a sheet of printer paper, thinking through your options one more time, playing around with dreams of new endeavors, wondering if you’ll ever be able to create a life like you had always envisioned.

And Sooner or Later... 

Your head starts filling up with a few easily believable (but totally untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your visions of where your career could go.

(Believe me...we've been there!)

Let's put a pin in the doubts holding you back, shall we?
Working in Office

Big Doubt #1:
It's too late for me to make my career what I hoped it would be

After years of struggling with my own career journey, here is what I know to be true…


It’s never too late to design a life you only dreamed of.


Before becoming our founding career coach, I struggled with my own career journey. After graduating from college, I found myself in my first corporate position. I loved my coworkers, had a very promising career trajectory in front of me, and was constantly challenged, but I wasn't helping people in a way that made me fulfilled. I felt like I had to make a choice between success and passion. I ended up struggling for almost 10 years and before finally following my dream of helping others find careers they love!

Big Doubt #2:
I need a big salary to justify investing in myself and my development

Okay, this one’s gotta go! It’s straight-up not true.


You don’t need a fancy title, big salary, or loads of responsibility to justify your own development.


Sure, those things are nice—and you may want them eventually—but you don’t need to have them to begin achieving all that you are meant to achieve!


You are allowed to invest in yourself, your development, and your growth regardless of what society says you are. Pursuing greatness (regardless of title/salary!) is our jam.


Big Doubt #3:
I don't think a career coach can actually help me more than I can help myself

Let’s flip the script here. What if I told you that your view of the world is limited to only what you know? Or what the people in your network know?




A career coach is here to provide you with perspective and a worldview beyond what you know. Our goal is to take the special sauce that differentiates you from the others in your field (and that comes down to YOU—your personality, life experiences, and those oh-so-special quirks you were always told to hide) and help you see the opportunities that exist beyond what you know!

Now, slow your scroll for a sec.
Imagine what it would feel like to wake up and be excited for the day ahead and the possibilities it brings.

You will have more confidence in your skills and your ability to impact your career field.

You will no longer keep yourself up at night worrying about work. We have tips to help you find balance!

You can grow a career path that actually supports you, your family, and the things you value most in life!

Sound too good
to be true??

It's not.

...we know because we’ve been there. And so have our clients. Over 100 of them, to be exact! Our mission is to fill the gaps we felt while pursuing our own career aspirations.

And we can’t wait to see what you do!

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I got a job!! Making real money!!


I highly recommend using TCC for all your career needs, not just job searching but navigating work stress and more. If you have any work stress or trying to figure out your career goals, call them.

Image by Alexandr Podvalny

I wanted to give you a little update - I've decided that the new corporation that bought my little clinic didn't align with my values, so have used the tools you shared with me during our initial coaching sessions to help me decide on a move to another company. Years later, your work is still having an impact for me! Thank you so much for what you do!

But wait, have we officially met?

Hey, I'm Brandi!

The founding coach and owner of Talent Career Coaching, a proud owner of the cutest dog around, and a lover of coffee (iced only, please!)


I have a masters degree in Human Relations with an emphasis in diversity and development. Before opening my own business, I spent over ten years growing, training, and developing successful teams in the financial services and sports industries.


But here is what is REALLY important...before becoming a career coach, I struggled with my own career journey.


After graduating from college, I found myself in my first corporate position (like many new grads!).


I loved my coworkers, had a promising career trajectory in front of me, and was constantly challenged, but I wasn't helping people in a way that made me feel fulfilled. I felt like I had to choose between success and passion. I then submitted over 250 job applications to find a job that ultimately led me to the path of career coaching!


Yes, you read that right - over 250 applications...

I was applying to everything under the sun, and those applications went double time after a bad work week.


It was a downward spiral that led me to jobs and offers I didn't want.


It wasn't until I slowed down, examined my values, and created a plan to explore all of my options that I found my perfect role in human resources!


This role was dynamic, challenging, and, most of all, allowed me to mentor others in the company.


As my job grew, it became more data and operations-focused, so I decided to step full-time into running my own businesses and following my passion as a career coach. My years in recruiting and HR project management have enabled me to help many people just like YOU find careers they love!

Cafe Window

I share all of that so you know I’VE BEEN THERE. And I know how hard It can be to navigate a career without proper support and guidance.


Fast forward three years, and we now have a team of coaches who all understand this same journey. They each bring their own career paths to their coaching practice, but they are 110% devoted to helping you grow faster and with more direction than your peers!


We are all dedicated to helping you achieve YOUR wildest dreams in a timely manner (why take detours when we can help you take the direct path?).


If you have been looking for the pathway to take your career to the next level, this is the membership for you!

Rooting For You!
The secret sauce behind our membership?

Our commitment to YOU! We are here to make sure you feel seen, heard, and valued because so often those things are lacking in the modern workplace.

How do we do that??

PERSONALIZATION: We get to know you, your background, and your aspirations.

SUPPORT: You don’t have to go through this journey alone. We are here to show you different ways of thinking, planning, and acting in the workplace.

EDUCATION: Education is at the core of everything we do! You deserve to be the most intelligent person in the room and know how to rise above your peers. We bring you the right resources so you can succeed for years to come!


Here's how it works:

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be given a unique access code to schedule up to 120 minutes of coaching for the next 30 days.


Simply schedule sessions that align with your schedule and your coaching needs.


Available combinations:


➡️ Four 30-minute sessions (think quick, actionable guidance!)

➡️ Two 60-minute sessions (our standard coaching option)

➡️ One 90-minute and one 30-minute session (get to the root of a problem and then have an accountability partner to check in with!)


Every 30 days, you will receive an email with a new code to select sessions that work with your schedule!

And the best part, you'll be supported every step of the way...

Take a peek at the coaches you can work with!

Meet The Team

Danielle cropped.png

Danielle Ames

Danielle helps early to mid-career professionals take their careers to the next level by honing their strengths, negotiating salary increases, preparing for promotions, and managing diverse employee groups.

Gary Headshot_edited.jpg

Gary Peterson

Gary brings 27+ years of experience in the corporate sector to his coaching practice. His approach to coaching is holistic, ensuring that your career goals align with and connect to your deepest values and aspirations.


Janell Brittain

Janell helps people explore mission-driven work. Having jumped from a corporate career to non-profit work she knows what it takes to find alignment both in and out of the office. Janell will help you find a career that is centered on both fulfillment and impact.


Katy Byrtus

Katy is a job search extraordinaire! Having spent her last five years as a recruiter, she knows exactly what hiring managers are looking for in the hiring process and wants to share that expertise with everyone.


Ruthie Ditzler

Ruthie helps her clients find fulfillment and flow at work by pivoting into roles that leverage their natural strengths and transferable skills. Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your current career? It doesn't have to be this way!


Tatiana Graham

Tatiana specializes in helping first-time managers, experienced leaders, and teams become better versions of themselves. When we perform at our best, we have the ability to make a substantial impact on our lives and the lives of others.


But as a member, you get everything for $349.
A $50 savings each month!
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One of the best decisions I made in my career journey was hiring a career coach. I initially reached out for guidance evaluating job offers and immediately couldn’t wait to work with her more on my career goals. They have a wealth of knowledge, and Brandi is an incredible listener and motivator, and genuinely cares about her clients. With Brandi’s support, I landed my dream job and couldn’t be happier. Hire her today!

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The Talent coaches have the best exercises tucked in their back pockets to help you see your worth, your skills, and build back up your confidence.


And The Best Part...

Our membership is a month-to-month subscription after your initial three months. When you join Talent Career Coaching, you’re welcomed into a community that strives to create spaces where our clients feel seen, heard, and valued. We do not doubt that after your initial three months, you will see the value in having a career coach in your corner!


But, even though I know this course is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. If you don’t think it’s every bit as awesome as I’ve promised, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full.


There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you. If we aren’t the right fit, I want you to find a coach that is!

100% Risk Free




Yes! We help clients all over the United States and have streamlined all our sessions to be conducted virtually. You will receive a Zoom link for every session you book. Prefer to meet over the phone? Not a problem! Just let your coach know in your first session.



Listen, we get it! Career coaching is designed to fit with you and your schedule. Some of our clients ask for homework between sessions, and others want their coaching session to be a working session so they can “set it and forget it” after logging off. We will work with your schedule and your needs! This membership is designed to enhance your life, not add to your stress levels. Now, regarding results, that really depends on our clients' needs and their goals. I can say that most clients walk away with learnings each session, and we typically see momentum forward within 6-8 sessions. (Hence, we ask for an initial 3-month commitment - we want you to see the results!)


This doesn’t happen often, but it has happened. The best part about working with Talent Career Coaching is that you have access to our team of coaches. If you don’t connect with your coach, email Brandi at, and we will ensure we find the right fit for you and your career journey!

Colleagues Working Together

Let's Get Started!

Join Our Career Coaching Monthly Membership.

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