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Meet The Team


Founder & CEO

Brandi is the founding coach and owner behind Talent Career Coaching. She has a masters degree in Human Relations with an emphasis in diversity and development. Prior to opening her own business she spent over 10 years growing, training, and developing successful teams in both the financial services and sports industries.

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Leadership and Executive Coach

Gary brings 27+ years of experience in the corporate sector to his coaching practice. His approach to coaching is holistic, ensuring that your career goals align with and connect to your deepest values and aspirations.


Career Coach

Danielle helps early to mid-career professionals take their careers to the next level by honing their strengths, negotiating salary increases, preparing for
promotions, and managing diverse employee groups.

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Career Coach

Ruthie loves helping lost and confused individuals find confidence and clarity about their next steps. "My clients often know they want to pursue something they are passionate about but don’t know where to start. Let’s get you on the fast track to figuring out what you are naturally gifted at, what drives you, and how to build a career that you love!" - Ruthie


Career Coach

Janell helps people explore mission-driven work. Having jumped from a corporate career to non-profit work she knows what it takes to find alignment both in and out of the office. Janell will help you find a career that is centered on both fulfillment and impact.

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Leadership Coach

Tatiana specializes in helping first-time managers, experienced leaders, and teams become better versions of themselves. When we perform at our best, we have the ability to make a substantial impact on our lives and the lives of others.

Languages Offered: English | French

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